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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photos & Scanning....

My thoughts on digital vs. film photography. Now personally, I love the new format of digital photos! It's easy, convenient, space saving, etc...a wonderful invention. Yet, how much of a guarantee do we have that 50+ (heck, make that 10) years from now, we'll still be able to have access to them? Think about it for a minute. Technology nowadays is constantly changing, while they are coming out with the latest version of something, they are already in their laboratory's improving it for the next/newest release. Remember the floppy disk? Where is it now? (((I'm just saying....)))

Don't get me wrong, I don't think we need to chunk the digital format & go back to film processing necessarily. I have family photos over 70 years old & I'd just hate for the future generation to lose all of the digital photos being taken nowadays....just because 70 years from now, they can't access their old photos. So what is the answer? Maybe it would be a good idea to get your digital photos printed out professionally, so you'd at least have a physical copy for future, instead of just sitting on your computer. I say professionally printed out, such as by Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc.....don't depend on your home computer printer for that keepsake photo. The ink used by home printers just isn't as long lasting as what a photo processor uses. I know you can get a CD disk copy of the photos you have developed nowadays, I wished they could/would also offer a set of negatives as well. Now that would solve the dilemma all around in my opinion.

HINT: If you do have a digital camera & have your photos saved on your computer, be sure I really need to say it? Back-up....Back-UP.....BACK-UP!!!! lol Put them on a CD, an external hard drive, flash drive -- or even doing all 3 wouldn't hurt.

HINT: Now that you've backed them all up & have them on a different device, make 2 or 3 different copies & store them in different places. Such as a safety deposit box, at work, at a relative's house, might consider mailing them to someone in a different part of the state you live in.....heck even someone out of state wouldn't be such a bad idea. And the reason on that, like in my home state (Arkansas), we are known for having tornadoes, where disasters can happen over a wide range of an area. Maybe I sent my copies to my sister in the northern part of the state & a tornado comes through, traveling the 60 miles between us leaving destruction along the entire way. You never know....

HINT: Quick note on editing your photos. If you do any editing, you might want to consider making a copy of the original & do your editing on the copy. Keeping the original as it is, is just good practice, but as I mention above, technology is always changing. What you might correct on your original today, could be done much better with the latest software in the future. Yet now you've edited your original & won't be able to get the better results. Besides, it is just good practice to keep the original as take your chances of messing it up for good by using the original.

Later, Deb

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