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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Original Post From 25 Sep 2008

Yes I know, it's been forever & a day since I last posted......shame on me, right? lol I just never know what to write in these things. So today I thought I'd write a few things about genealogy & where I'm going with it. Or I should say where I would like to go with it.

Here in the very near future, I'm going to have to let my subscription go to & I hate that. I've been quite lucky in finding so much useful information on there. But I look at it that for years I didn't have it & was able to do things to further my research & I'm sure I can do it again. The new information just won't be as fast coming as it has been for the last couple of years.

Since I won't have the subscription any longer, I thought this would be a VERY good time to get all of the information I have a lot more organized. What I have so far isn't too far from being organized, nor is it in bad is just that it could be in a lot better order & now would be a good time for me to do it. I know I have bits of information sitting in my files that I haven't recorded yet, so in a way I'll feel like I'm still doing vital research. lol

Also, I've been thinking about re-doing my Family Group Sheets. I originally started out writing all of the data on a regular Family Group Sheets, but I never was too crazy about it. So I got the brainy idea of doing them on the BIG index cards & I really REALLY liked doing it that way. It was much easier for me to find someone when I needed to see their info & plus they were easier to handle. Then I got to thinking I would like to have this or that included on the cards. So with what all I wanted to include, well it just wasn't going to be very feasible to use an index matter how big the thing is. The other day I made my own Family Group Sheet & I think I'm going to print those out & use them. To transfer all of the data for each family member will take me quite a bit of time. It will definitely keep me busy. :)

One of the things I wanted on the Family Group Sheet was an area where I could list what records I had for each person. It would make it so much simpler for me to know when I found a 1910 census with Uncle So & So on it, if I already had it or not. As well as birth record, death record, marriage record.....well you get the idea.

Then I would like to fine tune my Family Tree. Make sure I have entered all of the notes I have on everyone keyed in. Be sure I have a photo posted for those I have a picture of. Things like that.

Something I noticed the other day & everyone else might already know this but it was one of those "DUH" moments for me. I have posted on Ancestry's Surname Message Boards for my 4 great grandparents hoping to hear something back from someone. (((so far nothing, but I haven't given up yet))) Then I discovered that Rootsweb also has the surname message boards too. Great! Figured I needed to post over there & increase my chances of someone answering, right? lol Dummy me, finally realized that both message boards are the SAME THING! No wonder I see some of them double-posting.....I bet they didn't know either. At least I figured it out before I did any posting. And here I thought I was pretty smart on genealogy -- I mean I've only been at it for the past 13+ years!!! heehee

Later, Deb

(((Note: I started this new Blog for just my genealogy I went to my old blog & copied this original post (dated: 25 Sep 2008) from it.)))

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