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Surnames: Calaway, Dunn, Evans, Johnson, Lindsey, Rollins, Short & Williams

States: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Original Post From 10 Jan 2007

What I hope to achieve here is to have a place to expand on my hobby of genealogy. I've been interested in genealogy for about the last 13+ or so years. I got a new Family Tree Maker program a couple of months ago but have yet to really in-put any data yet. We moved back at the 1st October & I'm still going through boxes, so it might be awhile before I can get everything keyed in. I'm quite looking forward to when I can get back on it, I love digging & researching my family history. Heck, right now I'm thrilled when I find anything on my 1st cousins. Seems there are quite a few of my Aunt Helen's kids that we've lost contact with for years (too many years to count, sad to say) & I think it is harder to find stuff on people in this generation. At times it seems easier to find people the further back you go, but when it is on someone who might still be living it is almost impossible.

(((Note: I started this new Blog for just my genealogy I went to my old blog & copied this original post (dated: 10 Jan 2007) from it.)))

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