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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photos & Scanning, Part 1...

What to do with photos that you don't have a clue as to who is in the photo? I started a project a couple of years ago in getting all of the old family photos scanned. But before I started doing that & before my mom passed away, her & I sat down & we went through all of the family photos....with her identifying those that she knew. Of course, there were several she didn't know who they were & I've asked around, but sad to say, no luck in really getting them identified. :( Not a good thing. I only have one elderly aunt still living & other than her, there's no one left to identify these people. So what do you do with them....the photos? Keep them? Throw them away? (((Don't worry, no way would I do that!))) So just what do you do with them? I guess I'll put them away with a note saying what is going on & hold on to them for now.

In saying all of that, I've preached to everyone to "
L A B E L" those photos they have sitting around & do it NOW before it is too late. Sad to say, I don't think many have follow that bit of advice. Everyone looks through their photos & just know that they will never forget that the baby in such & such photo is little Tom. Yet they will, give them about 20 years & they will kick themselves for not making any kind of notation on the back of the photo.....cause they now don't have a clue as to who that baby is! lol My uncle used to tell me to always label them with the name of the person, the date (at the very least the year) & the location. Good advice if you ask me. I have to admit, even I haven't gone through all of my recent photos & labeled them. Bad me!!!!!

Anyhoo, I have gotten about 90% of the family photos scanned now. I say about 90%, cause I'm still finding old photos. Since I've been cleaning out the spare/junk room, I'm finding them stuck the number of old photos is ever increasing. :) And the ones I've scanned, I've been, every so often when I get the chance, making a copy of the new digital format & labeling all of the people in the photo. That's taking quiet a bit of time. This way, a person will have the original scanned photo & a copy of it identifying the people in it. Once I get them ALL done, I have plans on making a CD copy for anyone in the family interested in having one.

HINT ON SCANNING: The way I have found to make scanning photos easier & quicker, is to scan several photos at a time. It is definitely quicker doing it that way. Then you can either keep them that way or if you don't have a gazillion photos like I do, you can cut/paste out each photo. Letting each photo stand on its own.

HINT CON'T: What you name each scan is, of course, up to you. What works for me is to just start naming each scan numerically. I started with #1, #2, #3, etc. And since I made a copy of each scan (so I could label the people in the photo), I named those #1z, #2z, #3z, etc.....corresponding with the original scan.

HINT CON'T: If you like, you could make a "Master List" of your scans & list who is on each photo. Such as Scan #1 = Paul Johns, Mabel Lockes, Tammy Smith. Could even go further & have a listing for each scan that a person is included in.

OK, I think I've done enough gabbering for today! lol

Later, Deb


Rose Mary said...

Great advice, Deb! I've got so many old--very old--photos and no idea who any of them are. There are several that are obviously the same people, so I'm thinking that they are probably related to me, but who knows?

You know, I hadn't thought about the fact that I might not recognize photos in my own album in the future, but you're right, times change and people fade out of our lives--guess I'd better get to labeling them before I get any older:)

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my new Blog! :)

Yes, I need to get out those more recent photos myself & label them before its too late! lol So I don't have much room to talk, do I?

Later, DebJo