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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Group Cards, Part 2......The Personal Information Sheets

I thought I might expand a bit on my Family Group Cards (a.k.a. FGC). As you will see, on the cards I use, there isn't a place for any "Personal Information" you might have acquired for a person. And I'm sure you all are just like me & would love to have a quick way to look up what you might have on someone. The question for me was, what would be the best way? Well, I thought about that for quite a while & I think I have solved my problem here. I thought I'd share it with you, in case it might be something you could use in your own genealogy records.

I've written up a list of 16 items (at last count) that I believe I will be able to find on members of my family. Believe me, I know I won't have each item filled out for everyone & some information I will only be able to get for those who are still living....but the list I've come up with should cover most everything.

My Personal Information List Consists Of:
  1. Weight/Length @ Birth
  2. Hair/Eye Color
  3. Weight/Height (this would only be filled out once they are adults)
  4. Physical Traits/Marks (((such as scars, tattoos, wears glasses/contacts, etc)))
  5. Medical Conditions
  6. Disabilities
  7. Cause of Death
  8. Name/Place of High School
  9. Name/Place of College
  10. Degree(s)
  11. Cities/States Where Lived
  12. Occupation(s)
  13. Religion
  14. Hobbies
  15. Club Membership(s)
  16. Military Service
Of course, this list is very flexible & workable to fit your own preferences. You can list what is important to you to include on yours. Just keep in mind, what you can fill out, will be pretty limited the further back you go in your lineage. I know I'm not going to know what my ggg grandfather's hobbies were most likely, but I should know my grandfather's, my siblings, their children, etc. And 50 years from now, whoever might take over the "Genealogy Baton", will be ever so thankful to know what I listed/gathered today. :)

Another thing, if you want to cut costs, you can very easily work this list up on notebook paper. I haven't decided whether to go to the expense of writing the sheet up on the computer & then printing it out or not yet. I can see advantages doing it both ways. :) I'm kinda leading toward printing it out myself, instead of using notebook paper. My reason? Time saving for one & second, I know my hand would like not having to do all of that writing. :)

Finally, I've got a 3-ring binder(s) that I have (w/tabbed dividers for everyone) that the "Personal Information Sheets" would be filed in.

FYI: Being as there are only 16 items to be filled out, you "could" just add a 2nd card to the FGC's if you wanted. Just remember, that would add to the amount you'd have to store in your index card file box. As well as, being as there are only 17 lines to a card, you'd have to squeeze things up if you needed any extra lines.

Later, Deb


Rose Mary said...

I like that list, Aunt Deb. Especially the hair color, height, weight type things.
Military records that have that info are the only way I have any idea what some of my gr-gr-gr-grandfathers look like. As for my gr-gr-gr-grandmothers,I have no idea.

I'll probably be printing my info out~it's too hard to decipher my handwriting!

Gini said...

I like your lists and your FGC's alot Deb. I think I would create a master on the computer and then print them out as you need them and it's all done quickly, or if you want to use the cards, the personal info could go on the back of the card, all the info would be in one spot! For me, I like the like the printing it out part and putting them in binders, I am a binder girl. Great posts, love them, I am all about being organized Deb!

Deb said...

Thanks Rose Mary & Gini for your comments! I know that what works for me, will not necessarily work for others. But I figured what I write about my own experiences might give others a new take/idea on how they do things.

Later, Deb