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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Census Cards....

Census cards? What the heck are census cards? I've never heard of them! Me But I was getting tired of when I did need to re-view one of the copies I had on file & not being able to read most of them. (((NOTE: I'm not going to say it was necessarily because of my "old" eyes either! lol))) Most of you will find, if you haven't already, the copies of census' on-line aren't the best copies, plus you have to factor in the bad handwriting as well. Seems like my ancestor's always got the enumerator who was deemed to be a doctor, because they definitely had the bad handwriting part down pat! Or if there was a copy of a census that was blurred or it darken as it went down the page (to the point where you couldn't read it), then you can bet your bottom dollar that was my folks listed at the bottom of the page. ***sigh***

What's a person to do, right? Luckily I do have a decent graphic editor program that I can manipulate the copy enough some of the time to a some what readable stage.....not always, but fairly often. For those census' that nothing can be done to improve, I have to do a bit of detective work to figure them out. How? By getting the previous/next census for that family & compare them, see if I find a pattern & figure out who is who.

Therefore, & as I said at the first, I was getting tired of when I needed to go back into my census' & having to start from scratch in trying to read the darn thing. That's when the idea of making up "Census Cards" came about. I took out my handy dandy 5" x 8" index cards :-) & made a card for each census I had a copy of. I realize 95% of you will not find the need for doing such a thing or think it would be worth your time/effort....but it sure has been handy for me to have them & I thought I'd share it with you all.

Below I have given examples from 3 different census years so you can see what I put on them:

Not only will these cards be nice whenever I need to go back & look at a particular census, but they will be easy to take with me on any research trip I make in the future. Another good thing about having census cards, you can make any addition notes on the back.....such as their neighbors, the value of their property, etc. I do not write on my copies of the census' but I don't mind a bit in doing so on these.

NOTE: I came up with these census cards for myself, it is not something you have to do for your own genealogy by any means. I just like sharing different ideas on genealogy....& in doing so, you might find something useful for your own genealogy.

Later, Deb

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Organizing Your Genealogy Files/Records....

For those who have been in genealogy for a while now, did you ever think you'd acquire the amount of paperwork you have? I know I didn't. Or if you are new to genealogy, be prepared to have mountains of paperwork staring at you! :-) Oh I knew there would be some but nothing like what I had a few days ago & taking up any & all available space in my room. heehee If I knew then what I knew now, & that is how much paper is involved in genealogy, I would have bought stock in printer paper & ink cartridges! lol

The big question is, how the heck do you keep it from taking you over....even worse, some of it getting lost? The answer to that is to get it all organized. Yeah, I know you are rolling your eyes at me & thinking "Well, DUH!", you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out! :-) But the question is, just how many of you "do" have all of your genealogy records organized? That's what I thought....nice thought, easier said than done & all that right? Sadly, most of us don't give it that much thought, figuring we'll do something about it down the road, especially when we start out, till it "does" become a problem. I was just as guilty, had it somewhat organized, but the majority was just willy nilly here & there. Though 9o% of the time I could find what I was looking for, even if it might take me a while to find....I knew others wouldn't have a clue as to where to find something.

The other day, I decided to quit making excuses & just do what was long other words, get them sorted, put in ordered & filed. Problem was, what would be the best way to organize it once you had it all separated? If you've done any research, or read any genealogy tips on filing systems, you found there are about as many ways to set up your files as there are genealogists. OK maybe not as many as that, but enough to confuse you as to which would work best for you. I know, cause I've been there.

So what do you do? I finally said the heck with it all & decided I had to start somewhere. First I pulled up my genealogy file on the computer & printed out the records I hadn't done so yet, then gathered up everything I had stored in boxes/files & composed one big pile. Then just took my time, going at my own pace, & started separating the "big" pile into smaller categories. You'll find, as you go along, the categories will decide for themselves with what you have. Once I had gone through the original pile, I went through the individual piles & doing any further sorting that needed to be done. My next step was to take each pile & highlight the name the document was for. (((NOTE: Only mark/highlight copies, never mark an original document!!!))) Finally I alphabetize each sorted pile. It took me 2 or 3 days to go through it all, working on it for a couple of hours each time, till I had everything sorted out into the following:

  • GENEALOGY TOOLS...I keep maps of counties, a list of state abbreviations, samples of handwritings, etc. NOTE: I keep this file at the beginning, as it is something I get into more often than the others
  • BIRTH....certificates, records, announcements
  • CEMETERY....on-line I have found databases of family buried in cemeteries & I keep those here, as well as records/photos of headstones that I have pulled from "Find-a-Grave" website
  • DEATH/OBITS....certificates, records, obituaries
  • DIVORCE.....certificates, records
  • DRAFT CARDS - 1917/18.....copies I have pulled from Ancestry's military database
  • DRAFT CARDS - 1942.....copies I have pulled from Ancestry's military database
  • E-MAILS/NOTES....e-mails containing family stories/memories, notes containing information not pertaining to any of the other categories
  • FAMILY GENEALOGY/ GED files & trees that I have received from other family members, as well as family information pertaining to non-blood related family
  • LAND GRANTS/PROPERTY....deeds, warranties & such
  • LETTERS SENT OUT.....copies of the original letters sent out to others to gather information. NOTE: A note is posted on the original when I get a reply back & it is placed in the appropriate file, depending on what info I was inquiring about. But I keep the original letter here
  • MARRIAGE.....certificates, records, announcements
  • MILITARY....service records, records pulled from Ancestry
  • MISC INFO....any records/information, such as schooling, interests, occupations, etc. that I have on individuals
  • NEWSPAPER ARTICLES.....articles on family, places of interests, etc.
  • PENDING DATA....self explanatory
  • SHIP LOGS....logs/manifest of family members
  • SSDI/STATE.... records pulled from Ancesty. NOTE: These could be placed in the "DEATH/OBIT" file, but I have acquired so many of them, that I wanted them separate
Now the above files are what works best for me with the type of records that I have accumulated, most likely you would need to adjust them to fit your's. Also, the files can easily be added to, combined or re-arranged to fit your own genealogy needs as you go along.

Many find organizing their files up to this point would work for them & not have to go any further. For me though, I think I having each record filed under the name of the person for which the document/record was for will be the way I'll have my system set-up. Therefore, my last step will be to get 3-ring binders & file each record/document under the appropriate name, using plastic sleeves & dividers. At least for now, my files are separated & in alphabetic other words the hard part is over with & I can find any document within seconds.

From going to thinking how much I dreaded even starting such a project, I found by going slowly, doing it in baby steps & working at my own pace, it wasn't nearly as hard or bad as I thought it would be. I made myself a promise at the beginning that I wouldn't let it overwhelm me or get to me....& I kept that promise.

So get out there & get those files organized! :-)

Coming up next.....Census Cards