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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photos & Scanning, Part 2...

I got to thinking that it would be nice if I showed you examples of what I was talking about in my previous post on labeling photos. Basically I label them three different ways, just depending on what the photo is & the number of people in it.

In the example to the left here, here I had enough room to be able to place each person's name on their bodies. By doing it this way, there is no chance of any mistake in identifying each person.

With this photo, there would not have been any way I could place a name on each individual. To work around that, I just placed a letter (or you could do a number if you preferred) on each individual. Then I made a list of names in the open space over their heads.

In this example, if you would rather not place the names on the photo, cause of a too busy background, not enough room, whatever reason, you can do what I've done in this example. In your graphic editing program, make a new background & paste your photo on top. List the people below the photo, in the new/extra area that you've just made. Once you've done that, then you crop out all of the extra blank space.

HINT 1: Something else I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that concerns female names. As you will notice in examples 1 & 2 above, I've listed the females maiden name & married name. This, believe me, will be less confusing for everyone in later years.

HINT 2: Also, something to remember, as you'll see in the 2nd example, is if you have a person who isn't related to you in the photo, it is nice to make a note as who they are. In that photo there is a Mr. Pat Murphy who is not related to us. He was a family friend & a part of Murphy Oil Company in Arkansas.

HINT 3: I always try to use a color on the font/lettering that will stick out. And to make that stick out even more so, I will "outline" each font helps making it stick out even more.

HINT 4: And no matter how much you want to use that new fancy font you just downloaded.....DON'T!!! You want to use a plain simple font that is easy to read for everyone! I prefer "Comic Sans" myself, but you can get even plainer than that. And also to size the font to a size that is readable, but not so large that it takes over the photo.

Hope this will help those just starting to scan all of those precious old family photos!

Later, Deb