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Friday, September 17, 2010

Past From a Recipe...

I normally don't follow the schedule for the "Daily Blogging Prompts", but I see where today is "Family Recipe Friday" that is pretty cool.  I like that one a lot.  My first thought was, what would recipes have to do with genealogy.  Then in thinking about it for a bit, genealogy isn't just about dates & names, it is about our past, right?  And how we try to tell the stories of what our ancestor's days were like, what their occupations were, who they were, etc.? 

Among many things, my Mom was known for her cooking, I don't know of a person who didn't associated cooking with her.  She just had a certain knack with it, so much so that she could take a can of veggies & make them taste like a dish you'd get in a 5 star restaurant.  And really, she wasn't a fancy cook, just a down home cook from the South.

One of my favorite meals that she'd make was her homemade soup.  It couldn't get any better than that in my book.  Of course if we were sick, she'd make it then.  But on that first cool crisp day you'd get in the Fall, we knew her homemade soup would be on the dining table ready for us to dig in.  :-)  Besides her homemade soup, we'd always ask her to make her dressing, peach cobbler, speghetti sauce -- well the list goes on & on.  Thankfully before she passed away, I was able to learn how she made them all.  Yes, I had to learn, cause you see, Mom didn't use recipes, it was a bit of this, some of that & a whole lot of love that she would put into every meal. 

So yes, I can see where recipes can be part of our genealogy.  When I think back to the days when families worked hard out in the fields, I'm sure they looked forward to a favorite recipe their loved one would spend time in making for them.  Or those Sunday dinners that the family gathered around for.  Yep, recipes are definitely part of our history, as those recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next generation. 

Mom's Homemade Soup


Roast (be sure to get one with good marbling)
salt/pepper to taste
1 medium onion
2 regular cans (or 1 large) of tomatoes
1 regular can of corn 
2 cloves of garlic
4 -5 medium potatoes
Handfull of dried broad flat noodles (optional)

1.  Salt/pepper both sides of a large roast & then sear it in a bit of oil in a large heavy pot -- drain off the excess oil after searing
2.  Add approximately 8 cups of water....or till the water level comes up to about an inch from the top of the pot
3.  Boil roast (covered) on medium heat till done.....about an hour to an hour & a half - take it out & let the roast cool for a bit so you can shred the meat
4.  Dice up a medium onion & add to the water you cooked the roast in
5.  Cut your tomatoes into bite size pieces....add to the pot, along with the juices
6.  Add the can of corn (w/juice) -- I like the white shoepeg corn best
7.  While that is cooking, shred your roast -- add back into the pot
8.  Peel & slice 2 cloves of garlic....add to the pot
9.  Peel & dice into bit size pieces approximately 4 medium potatoes....add to the pot
10.  Let the soup cook for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, then do a taste test, you will need to add salt to your taste
11.  About 8 minutes before your potatoes are done (folk tender), add the dried broad flat noodles & cook till tender

FYI:  I never was that crazy about the noodles, so I just leave them out.

If any of you do try Mom's homemade soup, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  And psst?  It is extra good with a pan of cornbread!  :-)

Later, Deb


Rose Mary said...

Thanks for posting this, Aunt DJ. I love soup and I'm so glad that it's finally 'soup time'~or will be once the weather starts cooperating, LOL!

(my word verification is outom~sort of like autumn!)

Deborah said...

I came across your blog and found your writing very interesting. I too have been doing genealogy since June of this past year after I had attended a family reunion in North Dakota on my dad's side. The things I have found are so fascinating to me and you are is addicting. You have good links too.

Deb said...

Thank you Deborah for the kind words about my blog. I am so SO bad about writing only when an idea hits me, that sadly I don't update it very often. As you can plainly see. lol

I'm glad you have found the wonderful world of genealogy! -_- Its fun, interesting, informative, you learn so much...not only about your family but history & what they lived through. You'll laugh, cry & when you break down that pesky brick wall, you'll want to tell everyone about it. And yes, it can be irritating as all get out as well. :-) But we love it....

Later, Deb

jenny said...

I stumbled upon your blog a while a go and I could not stop reading! Looking forward to your other posts. Thank you for making this topic intriguing and enjoyable to read for everyone. See also family trees to trace your family heritage. Thanks.