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Monday, June 18, 2012

You Can Teach Old Folks New Things Believe It or Not......

I cannot believe how stupid I've been when it comes to navigating the Latter-day Saints genealogy web site "Family Search" .  For years I've used their site in my research.  I have to admit though, I never had much luck in finding things on there.  And that is because I would just basically key in a surname, a first name & hit "search".  Of course, I would get a gazillion results.  Luckily I had figured out the bit on using the filters early on.  But the problem with filters, either I still had way too many showing up in the results, anything over 100 or so was just too many in my book.  Or it would only give me about 3....that is just as bad as getting thousands in the results. 

Then for some reason one day last week, I scrolled down the main search page & that is when I noticed you could search by country!  Really?  Hmmm, I must check this out & sure enough there at the bottom of the list of countries was USA.  Alright, now we're talking.  I clicked on USA & a new list pops up.  A list of ALL of the collections they have on order of the states.  This is so neat & quite helpful.  At a glance you can see, for example, if they have any birth collections for TX & if they do if what they have is a copy/photo of the document or if it is just an index.  If you see a collection you want to search, you just click on it & it will take you to that collections search form.  So much simpler & quicker to search for something now.  By finally discovering this nifty way of searching on Family Search, I have found several marriage records that I was lacking in my files.

Maybe by telling you all about how slow I was in figuring this out, it will save someone else time & effort. 

HELPFUL TIP:  You might have notice that "Family Search" doesn't have ALL of the census' available for viewing & they will want to send you to a sister paid site (i.e. Ancestry) to see the census'.  At first it used to really gripe me to no end when I ran across this.  That is till I figured out that I could head over to my county's library web page, connect to Heritage Quest through them & 99% of the time get what I needed.  FYI:  If you have a library card, you "should" be able to connect to either Heritage Quest or Ancestry through your local library's web page.

Later, Deb

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