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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where Have I Been?


Gosh, please forgive me for not having updated my blog in such a long time.  I know, I'm a bad person & it wasn't good of me to have just let this blog stagnate like that.  My only excuse is I'm not one who "likes" to post about them selves.  Even on my personal Facebook page, I rarely post anything personal.....I tend to share those cute little photos, cartoons etc. & even at that I don't do it very often.  But as I felt like talking genealogy today, I thought I ought to come over here & write up a post about what has been going on.

This past year I have made leaps & bounds in my family research.  Let me see if I can remember what all has happened.  First off, my great grandmother Annie "Calaway" Lindsey has been a brick wall since I started working on my family genealogy.  I've looked on nearly available database/web site on the Internet in trying to find out when/where she died.  She was no where to be found & it was driving me crazy.  Then one day, & before you ask me, no I can't remember how I came upon this web site, but it was for Tennessee records!  I knew my grandparents had lived in Memphis at one point, matter of fact that is where my mother was born.  Plus, I also knew one of my great uncles & most of his family lived there.  I took a chance & keyed in her name for the Shelby County death certificates.  Lo & behold there she was!!!  You would have thought I had won the lottery!  FYI:  For anyone else who might have had folks living in Shelby County, TN, here's the web site that helped me break down her brick wall......may it work as good for you as it did me:  Shelby County, TN Records

Another good find was finding my great uncle's youngest son!  Oh I guess it has been a while now but one day I found an obituary for his oldest son who had passed away within the last few years.  In his obituary, it mentioned that he was proceeded in death by his twin, but was survived by his younger brother.  The obituary gave this living brother's current city of residence.  So little ol' detective me, Googled his name & the city listed in the obituary.  Yep, you got it, it found him!  I wrote a letter explaining who I was & how I had found him.  It was a couple of weeks later that his wife sent me an email asking me for a phone number....I always include a SSAE as well as my email address for their convenience.  I sent it to her & come to find out, before they got my letter they had NO idea that his father even had an extended family, one that they knew nothing about!  Seems once my great uncle left here & moved to another state back in the early 1900's, he basically left his family behind & didn't speak of them.  He did keep in touch with a couple of brothers, but that was it.  To be fair to him, their mother was NOT a very nice person & I have a feeling it was her that he wanted to forget about.  Anyhoo, it took this new found 2nd cousin a bit to feel comfortable with me, as he just didn't know if he should believe we were truly family or not.  His 2 living sister-in-laws kept telling him that we weren't because their husbands never mentioned any family still out there, yet I was able to tell him names/dates of his family, as well as send him photos of our families.  One photo that I sent was a BIG family reunion the relatives all went to back in 1940 & there in the photo was his Dad & his twin brothers as young boys.  So now I have a newly found 2nd cousin.  :-)

I've got a couple of more stories to tell, but I think I'll wait till another day for those......

Happy hunting everyone & please, no matter how thick or how tall that brickwall is, don't give up!

Later, Debbie

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